Web Vulnerability AssesSment 

Azatec Consulting is an Italian company, specialized in Enterprise and SMB grade Public and Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.
Azatec is a Cloud Addicted Technology Company, we help Enterprises achieve Agility introducing DevOp, DevSecOps methodologies and Cloud technologies.
Azatec Consulting has developed a practice to assess the security of infrastructures, design a PoC to test services and move to production in a quick and effective way.

No matter what Application you are about to migrate, we will help you designing a top-notch infrastructure covering your back 24×7 with our Customer-centric and Enthusiast Enterprise Support delivered by 100% Certified Engineers.

Azatec provides the Web Vulnerability Assessment, a prevention tool offered to all the customers, and anyone interested.

The service, in compliance with the EU RGPD Art. 32 relating to “… obligation for the companies to test, verify and evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee the security of process …” produces information on vulnerability and risks, as well as instructions for remediation with the support of technical and specialized personnel.

Assessments on the vulnerability of a site are essential because they offer to the Organization:

  • a deeper knowledge and greater awareness of the risk of threats of their systems,
  • the implementations required to react, with interventions, mitigations and/or workarounds,
  • if and when necessary, reducing any costs arising from security breaches and keeping systems up to date.


The ‘screening’ activity does not involve stop to the systems and does not block any functions

Don’t wait to be the next victim of an attack, run a vulnerability test.

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