Daniele Tiraferri, Head of IT Development at Ventis speaks about the use of AWS technologies and the collaboration with Azatec:
“Ventis is a Fintech Marketplace with more than 3 million registered users and the first e-commerce to offer its own payment system (the Ventis Card) equipped with its own Wallet with multiple Fintech functions (Ventis Wallet).

Ventis offers high quality Made in Italy products ranging from fashion to interior design to food and wine and local deals (hotels, events, restaurants, spa& wellness centers, etc.).

Ventis is active in Europe, China and the U.S.A, with the intent of extending further as soon as possible. Our mission in Italy is to bring innovation to the market and support as many SMEs as possible in the digitization process, while in the foreign market we aim to affirm our business model that virtuously combines Fintech and e-commerce services.

Ventis is always at the forefront in the use of new technologies to allow an increasingly efficient service to be offered to its customers. Furthermore, it pays great attention to the training of its human capital and considers it a great investment that in technological updates that allow a better time to market and a continuous expansion of its catalog of services offered.

The choice to operate in the cloud has been made since the birth of Ventis. We needed a fast, reliable and scalable environment with low maintenance costs. It was immediately decided to jump the use of physical hosted servers to avoid the obsolescence of the server compartment. Furthermore, the myriad of services offered by the cloud allows to drastically reduce, in addition to setup times, also the release times of new technological solutions.

Our benefits from the use of AWS technology derive primarily from reliability, efficiency and continuous technological improvements. Furthermore, once inside the world of AWS, we understood the power of its solutions and we realized that many of the technological knowledge we applied were already present in AWS. Finally, on AWS, we appreciates the ease of use and above all the simplicity with which you can build infrastructures.

We have chosen Azatec as a partner primarily for the professionalism we have encountered since the first meetings. The ability to quickly understand what our needs were and a care, from the begining, to details. Both in terms of infrastructure efficiency and in terms of budgeting, giving us the opportunity to cut some costs after a period of analysis of the use of our infrastructure.

Right from the start Azatec did not question, our legacy environment, such as Microsoft applications and databases, but provided us with tools and solutions that let us to focus only on application development and leave the management on infrastructure to them. This was much appreciated as in Ventis there were no professionals with specific skills in Cloud environments.

As for our future plans with AWS, we will need to progress on two key aspects: speed and security. Both will require application effort, but we are confident that we can speed up development using the technologies offered by AWS. “