Van Gogh Elastic Thinkers

VanGogh speaks,

The company has strategically decided to renew the Data Center infrastructure, firstly by expanding the internal team dedicated to IT, with people coming from important banking realities.
VanGogh had already taken its first steps on AWS but there was still a large chunk of the Data Center on a local provider, managed via VPS. An unstable idea, not very scalable and subject to periodic network problems.
The choice to move to AWS solved the problems and provided ready-to-use solutions.

 Simply Azatec!
A good relationship was born immediately with the company’s historical architects and together with your systems engineering staff, Van Gogh migrated his infrastructure without problem.
The support was excellent as there was no information on Vangogh side and Azatec had to discover and solve the problems blindly.

Now, VanGogh provides the Hosting Service only to its customers who request the service and, in any case will always use AWS and Azatec.