SAP in the time of Cloud Computing

SAP in the time of Cloud Computing

One of the Cloud Computing myth is that monolithic applications could not leverage on it cost-effectively.
It’s obvious that diverse workloads are affected differently by Cloud Migration, but SAP might be strategically migrated to obtain strong advantages by Automation, mostly on HANA.

Once upon a time…

Many years ago an Enterprise Client that has different SAP solutions such as ECC, XI and BW was looking for an analysis of its PowerVM environment. This analysis should be focused on Capacity, going in detail about all the resources available on its P6, and how they’re allocated on the environments.
Both of their Powers – on different Data Centers – had Production (clustered), Development and Quality environment relying on it. Analysis shown that the available resource were not aligned to their needs, but they had no time and budget to plan a MES. Then we decide to suggest a “strange solution”: open a Change request, on a monthly basis, in which customer ask to stop all the pre-production environments, temporary associating those resources to Production environment so they can have Financial Report in time.

Same problem, different solution

Years later thinking about it, being aware of Clients’ needs, we can laugh on it. Think about having unutilized servers using resources it’s quite absurde. Plan on a monthly basis to manually turn off all the unnecessary servers to temporary assign resources to Production environment, and rollback few days later it’s kinda weird. But there was the “old-school” way to solve that problem.

Cloud Solution

Most of people still think that monolithic application such as SAP aren’t suitable for Cloud, as if Cloud is suitable only for “different” kind of workload.
That’s not true. Take a look at AWS and Azure Use Cases to see what Cloud can do for your SAP.

If we would like to reproduce the same scenario “in the time of Cloud Computing” we would see Development and Quality systems turned on only when they are needed. We would see Production environment supporting users workload during business hours scaling-in when those resources are not needed, and scale-out both for scheduled batch or unpredictable spiky workloads.
The whole infrastructure and its Provisioning can be Automated as well as other applications, allowing to save money and minimize SCM or MRP processing.

“In the time of Cloud, for ICT, the only limit is the immagination”

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