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The management of Italia4Blockchain the first Italian category association for the study, dissemination and knowledge of the blockchain in Italy (, renews the interest and willingness to collaborate with Azatec Consulting for its own IT infrastructure. AZATEC, AWS Advanced Partner and accredited by Techsoup, the organization that supports the digital evolution of non-profits, has supported the migration of the association’s infrastructure for free, as established practice for all non-profit organizations that rely on AZATEC . For the Association, Azatec has migrated the website and the database by exploiting the consumption credits provided by Amazon Web Services. The team of AZATEC specialists, AWS certified, through the Manage Service Program service, constantly monitors applications for continuous infrastructure efficiency.

Following the realities in their path of evolution in the use of cloud technology, through step by step care at all times represents the added value that AZATEC provides to its customers.

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