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Azatec Consulting is an Italian company, specialized in Enterprise and SMB grade Public and Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.
Azatec is a Cloud Addicted Technology Company, we help Enterprises achieve Agility introducing DevOp, DevSecOps methodologies and Cloud technologies.
Azatec Consulting has developed a practice to assess the security of infrastructures, design a PoC to test services and move to production in a quick and effective way.

No matter what Application you are about to migrate, we will help you designing a top-notch infrastructure covering your back 24×7 with our Customer-centric and Enthusiast Enterprise Support delivered by 100% Certified Engineers.

Migration: the PA is accompanied in understanding the advantages of cloud computing in terms of optimization and performance improvement.
The infrastructures currently in place are jointly analyzed to evaluate possible optimization in the cloud, as well as technological updating when necessary.
In the cost analysis phase, the most advantageous solutions are identified for the PA using AWS services.

Managed Service Program: AWS-certified team of specialists provide continuous improvement assistance on Cloud infrastructures.

24/7 Monitoring

Incident Management with defined and guaranteed SLAs for taking charge and resolution of problems

Change Management: progressive adaptation of the client’s new activities

Azatec has joined the AWS for No Profit program, part of the Public Sector Program.

If your organization needs to be supported in its mission, the AWS for Nonprofits program allows all the authorized society to have free access to $ 1000 in AWS consumption.

Azatec offers reliability and efficiency to run applications that support your website and the most complex operations.

Your infrastructure will be based on the Amazon Web Services cloud, to organize and manage every platform you have, from websites, fundraising, database management and much more. Azatec accompanies you on this track, with quick access to IT resources, in a flexible and low-cost way, taking advantage of the amount made available by AWS.


They choose us:

Public Administration


Some Azatec Practice in Government field

Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini

In Trentino, the harmony between local companies and the Autonomous District of Trento, operating on very broad and complex issues related to the Digital Agenda, on the bases of three-year plan for IT in the Public Administration, finds a concrete answer through the Comunweb platform: a collaborative, adaptable, reusable and economically sustainable governance tool.

Azatec has overseen managing the scalable infrastructure identified for Comunweb to meet the accessibility needs of citizens through the portal made available by the Consortium.

Comune di Codogno

The Municipality of Codogno switched to AWS since the beginning of the pandemic (in March 2020) implementing its cloud infrastructure through Amazon Connect cloud-based call center service in less than a week.

The calls were thus directly addressed to the staff of the Municipality, helping to quickly answer citizens’ questions about COVID-19, at a time when speed proved to be fundamental

Comune di Gallarate

The Municipality of Gallarate has migrated its institutional site to a cloud environment, making it more scalable, secure and easy to manage. The project, by reducing management costs, supervises the services offered to citizens quickly and efficiently.

The board of Italia4Blockchain, the first Italian trade association for the study, distribution and knowledge of the blockchain in Italy (, renews its interest and preference to collaborate with Azatec Consulting for its own IT infrastructure.

AZATEC, AWS Advanced Partner and accredited by Techsoup, the organization that supports the digital evolution of non-profits, has supported the migration of the association’s infrastructure.

For the Association, Azatec migrated the website and database using the credit for consumption made available by Amazon Web Services.

Valore D is the first business association in Italy that for more than ten years has been committed to gender balance and an inclusive culture to foster companies and county growth. We at Azatec support their projects and believe in the important values transmitted by the association. ValorD projects are concrete action plans, structured based on the experience of the associated companies, which aim to provide innovative solutions to specific junctions of diversity and gender inclusion.

Valore D has joined the AWS Non-profit program, in collaboration with Techsoup Italia, the international platform that provides access to software, hardware and cloud products of leading ICT companies at a marginal cost or in total donation and offers training services on the digital and IT support.

We at Azatec have carried out infrastructure migration to the AWS Cloud for ValoreD, as well as an assistance and monitoring service on the infrastructure (MSP). We also follow the new developments and integrations to the ValoreD Inclusion Impact Index (III) application: a tool that offers the possibility of mapping one’s inclusion policies and measuring their effectiveness in the four macro-areas of governance, the ability to attract, develop and enhance female talent over time. By collaborating on this project, our development team evaluates together with the ValoreD team the innovations to be made and takes care of their release.

Emanuela Fabbri, head of IS & Operations, states that “Azatec is a valid partner for the AWS managed service and their account management service is formidable”