Folks Finance is a protocol applied to financial markets for lending and borrowing operated on the Algorand
blockchain. Through lending transactions, Folks users can deposit liquidity and start earning through
continuous payback.

Folks Finance has chosen Algorand for the creation of a decentralized money market protocol with the goal
of providing secure and profitable financial services to all types of users. For this process, AWS comes into
play in the use of its services and Azatec in the implementation of the infrastructure on which it is based.

Azatec is the consulting firm Folks uses for its technologies: the partnership stems from the need to have a
partner who is experienced in cloud infrastructure, responsible and participatory during the architecture
design period.

When people talk about Azatec in the cloud, they also talk about AWS: both companies have years of
experience and ongoing training in cloud infrastructure and architectures. The Azatec-AWS partnership has
been central to the success of several Folks Finance projects: Azatec's support has been critical to our
infrastructure consisting mainly of AWS EC2 and RDS instances, network design and estimating the S3
Storage needed.

We are confident that other AWS services will be considered for Folks Finance’s future projects.