Azatec adopts a set of principles, values and rules, the observance of which is fundamental for the work of the Company and aimed at a continuous improvement that Azatec wishes to achieve and share with its employees and with the outside world.

It is for this reason that Azatec has chosen to subscribe a socially responsible behavior drafting this Code of Ethics.


The values that Azatec preserve are transparency, impartiality, protection of people and environment and is committed every day to ensure that they are respected, maintained and propagated.



The code is made for all those people, employees or partners who establish connections or relationships with Azatec, in a stable or temporary manner, in the name and on behalf of Azatec.


Therefore, the code involves members from the Headquarter to the Shareholders, from employees to advisors within Azatec.


Azatec’s desire to spread out its values also outside the Company, makes us think as a target of all those people who, although not directly involved in the company, are still messengers of interest and value in our market.

The Code defines the good behavioral rules that must be respected during the professional activities and represents the guidelines to be followed in relations with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners, with other companies, with public bodies and institutions.


General principles of the Code

Azatec is committed to defending the following principles:

  • Impartiality: the Company doesn’t make discriminatory choices for its employees and doesn’t act by choosing on the basis of ethnicity, religion, opinions, nationality, sex, age, physical and social conditions;
  • Work environment: the work within the organization is carried out through forms recognized by the law and we work to ensure a non-conflictual, intimidating and alienating work environment for individual members of the Company.
  • Collaboration and business climate: teamwork, circulation of knowledge and networking must develop within the company
  • Safety and hygiene: the work environment complies with the safety requirements of the Law on safety at work, hygiene, health and cleanliness standards.
  • Conservation of corporate assets: Each person is responsible for the protection and conservation of corporate assets, both tangible and intangible, entrusted to them for the performance of their duties, as well as their use in their own way and in accordance with corporate purposes.
  • Environmental protection: Azatec adopts all measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its activities. Azatec contributes to the environmental protection, managing the activities entrusted to it in an eco-compatible manner, in compliance with current national legislation, both at its Headquarters and for every site where it carries out its professional activities.
  • Privacy: all Azatec members undertake not to disclose, use or communicate information and/or any other kind of news, documents, data, etc., that are confidential and connected to the their tasks or responsibility. without a specific authorization.
  • Relations with suppliers and partners: We believe in expertise made up of competence, enthusiasm and result attitude. We build a relationship of trust with customers, so to have in return the maximum value in the provision of our services.



Azatec informs everyone about the existence, contents and scope of the Code of Ethics, highlighting the importance its principles inside.

The Code of Ethics is available on the company website: and electronic distribution to its employees.

Azatec constantly verifies and checks the compliance with the Code, keeping it updated so to maintain the principles and values that characterize it.



In the event of violation, the Company reserves the right to apply the right sanctions in a time and manner that complies with the law.