Auditel is a Joint Industry Committee (JIC), a reciprocal-control organization that brings all TV market players together namely broadcasters, advertising investors, agencies and media centers.

Its mandate is the collection of Italian TV audience, 24 hours a day, minute by minute, of the entire proposal in its digital, satellite, live and on-demand articulation, on all platforms and all devices.

They need to demonstrate the integrity of their daily published analog and digital data concerning the share of the most national TV channels.



Through a notarization platform, via API, directly into their system, Auditel can immediately authenticate the raw data they collect on the Ethereum blockchain, supplying a proof of immutability.


Service a cross-blockchain online platform that easily allows users to notarize any kind of file and document, giving them a certain date, proof of existence, authorship, and immutability over time.


By inserting the blockchain and notarial authentication within its processes, Auditel has obtained greater IT security of the collected data and a reduction in the risk of disputes and complaints.