BKN301 decided to rely on AWS for its infrastructure for several reasons. Amazon Web Service has the advantage of being available in 44 different zones in 16 geographical locations; it is also the cloud platform that integrates the largest number of managed services such as S3, EC2, rds, sqs, etc.

The services offered by AWS perfectly met our needs and requirements. The ones we put in place for our architecture are: s3, codebuild, codepipeline, ec2, lambda, eks.
From the very first moment, Azatec provided BKN301 with its knowledge of the cloud world and its Solution Architects to build together the cloud solution that supports our business.

The expertise of Azatec staff supports us continuously and consistently, ensuring professionalism and accuracy. The technical team is always up to date with the latest developments and provides impeccable service.
We look forward to a long-lasting cooperation with Azatec and AWS leading BKN301 to the best infrastructure technologies offered by the cloud.