Azatec Consulting is an Italian company, specialized in Enterprise and SMB grade Public and Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.
Azatec is a Cloud Addicted Technology Company, we help Enterprises achieve Agility introducing DevOp, DevSecOps methodologies and Cloud technologies.
Azatec Consulting has developed a practice to assess the security of infrastructures, design a PoC to test services and move to production in a quick and effective way.

aws advanced consulting partner

No matter what Application you are about to migrate, we will help you designing a top-notch infrastructure covering your back 24×7 with our Customer-centric and Enthusiast Enterprise Support delivered by 100% Certified Engineers.

To bring the computational functions as close as possible to the source of the data, that is, to the machine that generates them.

In this way it becomes possible to intervene promptly, against a detection of an anomaly in the parameters of a machine at the Edge, ensuring predictive maintenance.

This includes the deploying of hardware and software managed by AWS to locations outside of its data centers, even on customer-owned devices.


Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network or CDN that enables the delivery of data, video, applications, and APIs globally to users with minimal latency, high transfer rates, in a friendly environment for developers.

CloudFront offers the most advanced security features, including field-level encryption and HTTPS support, perfectly integrated with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, and Route 53 to protect against different types of attacks, including network-level DDoS attacks and application. These services are located in edge networking locations, scaled globally and connected through the AWS network backbone, for a more secure, performing and available experience for your users.

CloudFront works with any AWS origin, such as Amazon S3Amazon EC2Elastic Load Balancing, or any other custom HTTP origin. You can customize the delivery of your content via CloudFront using the secure and programmable  AWS Lambda@Edge edge computing functionality.

AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that gives you unlimited local access to cloud storage. Customers are using to simplify the storage management and reduce costs for key hybrid cloud storage use cases. These include migrating backups to the cloud, using local file shares supported by cloud storage, and providing low-latency access to data on AWS for on-premises applications.

To support these use cases, Storage Gateway provides three different types of gateways (gateway di filegateway di nastri and gateway di volumi) to connect on-premises applications to cloud storage space, locally caching data for low latency access.

Your applications connect to the service through a virtual machine or gateway hardware appliance that uses standard storage protocols such as NFS, SMB, and iSCSI. The gateway connects to AWS storage services such as Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier, Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, Amazon EBS, and AWS Backup, thus providing storage for files, volumes, snapshots, and virtual tapes on AWS.

The service includes a highly optimized data transfer mechanism, characterized by bandwidth management, automated network resilience.