Roberto Innocenti from Auditel speaks,

We at Auditel have decided to evolve our infrastructure towards the cloud in order to have the chance of making it grow in a dynamic and flexible way. With this goal in mind, we have found that AWS Cloud is the technology that has set the most standards in the Cloud and is the best known by all the DevOps and Operations teams. The adoption has accelerated the planning and putting online of all necessary services, keeping costs under control.
We chose Azatec because it was a most responsive and collaborative AWS partner in the delicate infrastructure design phase. Furthermore, Azatec has reasonable and transparent costs, extreme customer care, availability and flexibility, as well as personnel with a human and collaborative trait.
Azatec monitoring and supervision are certainly fundamental on our production instances, as well as the design of VPCs and VPNs, the evaluation and configuration of Storage S3, the RDS and other DB solutions, and AWS training for our staff too.
As of today, we are adding services to our infrastructure in the Milan Region and our cloud infrastructure on AWS will certainly grow.