Azatec Consulting is an Italian company, specialized in Enterprise and SMB grade Public and Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.
Azatec is a Cloud Addicted Technology Company, we help Enterprises achieve Agility introducing DevOp, DevSecOps methodologies and Cloud technologies.
Azatec Consulting has developed a practice to assess the security of infrastructures, design a PoC to test services and move to production in a quick and effective way.

No matter what Application you are about to migrate, we will help you designing a top-notch infrastructure covering your back 24×7 with our Customer-centric and Enthusiast Enterprise Support delivered by 100% Certified Engineers.

Cloud application security

AWS WAF helps protect your web applications or APIs from attack by filtering unwanted traffic that can impact data availability, compromise security, or consume extra resources.

  • AWS WAF on CloudFront as part of your CDN solution, the Application Load Balancer in front of your Web servers or applied to origin servers running on EC2, Amazon API Gateway for your REST APIs or AWS AppSync for your GraphQL APIs.
  • Protecting configuration changes using AWS Config is also possible to integrate SNS notifications
  • Traffic control via CloudWatch, adding custom rules to trigger SNS notifications.
  • Schedule API Calls Using AWS CloudTrail
  • Possibility of using sets of WAF rules of products in marketplaces such as Fortinet, F5, Cybersecurity Cloud.