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Azatec Consulting Srl is an Italian company, Extremely specialized in Enterprise grade Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.

Azatec is a Cloud Addicted Technology Company, we help Enterprises achieve Agility introducing DevOps methodologies and Cloud technologies.

No matter what Application you are about to migrate, we will help you designing a top-notch infrastructure covering your back 24×7 with our Customer-centric and Enthusiast Enterprise Support delivered by 100% Certified Engineers.

Windows on AWS

How do we help Microsoft Products on AWS?

AWS offers the best cloud for Windows, and it is the right cloud platform for running Windows-based applications today and in the future.

 – SQL Server EE, SharePoint, MS Exchange, Active Directory, ADFS, DNS management

 – Virtual Desktop as Service with AWS Workspaces

 – Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed non-persistent application and desktop streaming service

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides a fully managed, native Microsoft Windows file system that makes it easy to move Windows-based applications that require file storage to AWS.

Optimize cost by eliminating high CAPEX and reducing unexpected costs (software and hardware add-ons), reduce over provisioning, get exactly the storage you need and scale as you grow, and optimize storage space with deduplication 

Immediately gain agility and scale to better support business growth 

Have the ability to improve redundancy and durability by using multi-AZ (failovers transparent to users and applications) and backup

Significantly reduce server and storage management cost and overhead 

Reduce footprint required in data center

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Via Brembo 27, 20139 – Milan Tel: +39 02 36639440
Calle Concepción Jerónimo 22, 28012 – Madrid Tel +34 661 57 43 57

Azatec Consulting Srl – Sede legale: Via Tito Minniti Sn, Comparto 127 Lotto 53, 92018 Santa Margherita di Belice (Ag) – P.IVA 02261940841 – AG-170982

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